You need to be very thorough with the instructions to use a lever chain hoist properly and safely. While actually operating the hoist is fairly simple, there’s actually a bit more to it.

We will be going through how to go about using a lever chain hoist, as well as how to inspect it before using it, which is very important for your safety.

Inspecting the Hoist

Before starting to use a lever chain hoist, you need to inspect it thoroughly. And you need to do this every time you want to use the hoist.

If you find any deforming of parts, those parts would need to be replaced. Some of the parts that are more prone to deformation, and hence need to be inspected more frequently, include bolts, load chain, hooks (both top and bottom), safety latch, lever outside and chain stopper.

Some of the parts that don’t need to be inspected as frequently, but still need occasional inspection, include ratchets, free wheel spring, ratchet wheel, gears, brake disk and more. You would need to disassemble the unit in order to inspect these parts.

Finally, you need to pay special attention to the brake disk, making sure none of its sides are oily or dirty.

Operating the Hoist

Now that you’re aware of the “pre-use” inspection, let us talk about how to operate a lever chain hoist correctly. As mentioned earlier, this is a fairly simple process.

While lifting up, all you need to do is switch the selector switch into the “Up” mode, and pull the lever up and down. You do this until the load is ready to be pulled down.

To pull it down, you need to switch the selector switch back to the position it was in before, and then switch it back to the “Down” mode. You then need to keep pulling the lever back towards you, and the load would start moving downwards.

If you’re using the free chain, you need to make sure the selector switch or the direction indicator is in the neutral mode or the center. Then, you need to turn the wheel anti-clockwise, till it reaches at least 90 degree from where it started.

As for the load chain, you can easily move it up or down with your hand.

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