Every electric hoist does come with a certain level of risk, to both the person operating it as well as the place it’s installed in. However, this risk can quickly get to a dangerously high level if some of the basic instructions, precautions and safety measures are not followed.

With that said, here are some important tips to operate an electric hoist safely.

#1 Getting a Remote

While you usually wouldn’t consider getting a remote if you’re only lifting around a couple thousand pounds, it’s still recommended to get one just to be on the safe side. This is because the nearer you’re to the hoist, the greater is the risk of a personal injury.

And while you may try to take all the safety measures and precautions, sometimes, you may forget to do something that may compromise your safety. This is where developing a habit of standing as far from the hoist as possible may turn out to be crucial – for which you need to get a remote.

#2 Avoid Using the Hoist to Its Maximum Capacity

Something that can greatly improve your safety while operating an electric hoist is being aware of the amount of weight being lifted. You would never want to use the hoist to its maximum capacity, especially not on a regular basis.

Ideally, if you tend to lift between 1 to 10 tons, you would want the hoist to come with a maximum capacity of at least 15 tons. Some might say that it’s a bit paranoid, but you actually do increase the risk of something going wrong if you use the hoist at its maximum capacity most times.

#3 Get Some Safety Devices

There seems to be a variety of safety devices available to help you operate an electric hoist considerably more safely. Some of the better options include a hook latch, load brakes, limit switch, shock protection and more. Similarly, there’s also a strapping system which goes a long way in improving the safety while lifting.

It works as a backup system in case the chains break while the hoist is loaded with a lot of weight.

#4 Take the Necessary Precautions

One of the simplest ways to avoid the chances of a mishap is taking all the precautions you can while operating the hoist. They include installing the hoist in a safe location, having some open space around it in case you need to escape quickly, not using the hoist in an explosive atmosphere, making sure everything is in place before every lifting operation and so on.