An electric hoist is useful in a variety of ways. Of course, it comes in handy for pretty much every task that involves lifting heavy stuff.

However, if you’re a do-it-yourseler, it can be challenging to figure out how to install it the right way. So here’s a step by step guide of mounting an electric hoist in your garage.

Heavy Duty 440 LB Electric Hoist

Step 1: Figure Out the Location

The most important factor is to simply determine where exactly you should be installing the electric hoist. Something to keep in mind here is that the load the hoist is going to handle is also going to be something that will be put on the truss system.

Usually, a truss system can handle up to 400 pounds. But to be able to use it to its maximum capacity, you need to make sure that the load is being placed in a way that the weight is evenly distributed and not focused on a particular area where the hoist will be installed.

Putting the hoist in the middle of the truss system is probably going to be your best bet here.

Step 2: Adding Load Support

Once you’re done determining where you will be placing the hoist, you need to add some load support. You can do this by adding 2×6 joists to the truss system.

They should be placed in between the trusses to make the system more stable. As far as their installation is concerned, it’s going to be very easy if you have an open ceiling.

If you do not, however, you would need to cut a hole that covers three trusses. It would usually need to be 2 feet wide.

Then, you can cut the joists and attach them in a way that they are exactly in between the trusses, with the center trusses having one on each side.

Step 3: Attaching Cross Joists

You will also need to install joists at the end of the trusses where you attached the other joists. However, they will be placed along the side of those trusses, and would need to be cut to a two foot length.

Step 4: Attaching the Hoist to the Joists

While the primary reason of attaching joists is to provide additional load support to the system, it also allows the hoist to be installed more securely.

The hoist comes with a mounting bracket. You need to use it and mark holes for screwing in the bolts. Finally, you will need to drill straight through, with the brackets going on the other side of the joists. Also, use the holes you marked to screw in the bolts.

Step 5: Install the Hoist

Once everything is in place, you need to put the hoist in the right position and use the bolts to secure it to the system. See More electric hoist options here.