Top 5 Best Electric Hoists Buying Guide

What is an Electrical Chain Hoist?

Electrical chain hoists are used to lift and transfer heavy materials on construction sites, in factories, and garages. It is a simple, safe, and effective way of lightening your workload and decreasing manual labor time. Electrical chain hoists are available in single, dual, and phase three power levels.

The power level you choose depends on the environment and industry you will need to be using it in. Single chain hoists generally have a weight capacity of up to 220 pounds, while double chain hoists have a weight capacity of 440 pounds. The industry standard of service classification is a high-volume handling machine. Its running time is approximately fifty percent of the work time and is most often used in machine shops, mills, and plants.

Other classifications include general usage and light machine shop usage. The running time for these classifications is twenty-five percent and fifteen percent respectively.

Chain hoists have the ability to lift heavy items vertically, as well as side to side. For bigger jobs, like on construction sites, an electrical chain hoist with a powered trolley would benefit your company greatly, although you should keep in mind that this feature alone can add thousands of dollars to the overall price of your hoist. Electrical chain hoists can increase productivity and decrease the amount of manual labor needed.

How Long Do Electrical Chain Hoists Last?

When trying to determine how long your electrical chain hoist will last, you should consider the following:

  • How many hours will it be operational per working day?
  • Where will the hoist be used? Inside or outside?
  • How much weight will you need to be able to lift?

Considering what type of environment and temperatures your equipment will be exposed to is important when figuring out the longevity of the machine. Extreme temperatures can cause the equipment to malfunction or cause cracks and deterioration to its parts.

Finally, the more weight it can handle at a time means the less time that will be needed to run the equipment and finish the job. Electrical chain hoists, when properly taken care of and maintained, can last a company several years of ongoing usage.


Most companies offer a limited warranty on electrical chain hoists, this includes crane components, sling chains, and spare and replacement parts. Like most warranties, you must adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations and follow up with your own general maintenance. The warranty is non-transferrable and can only be used by the person that initially purchased the equipment. Regular inspections on your equipment can help increase its lifetime and maximize its potential.

Best Electrical Chain Hoists


Sportsman Series EHOISTUL Electric hoist

The Sportsman Series EHOISTUL Electrical Hoist is comprised of high carbon braided steel cables that are 1/8 inch thick and has 110 volts of power. It is used for lifting small engines, transmissions, and building or shop supplies. It has a 440-pound weight limit capacity and can six-foot to a ceiling beam with a maximum lift height of thirty-eight feet.

The clamps needed for mounting the equipment are included. It has auto stop technology which means the machine will automatically shut off when the load reaches the maximum height. However, the Sportsman Series EHOISTUL does not manually shut off when you are going in the down position.

This hoist also comes equipped with a control remote with a five-foot cable. nineteen-foot a safe and easy way of controlling it at a distance, without having to go up and down a ladder to control it manually. It also requires no extra physical exertion. It is a simple design and extremely easy to operate.


The company offers a limited warranty that is good for the first year after the initial purchase of the equipment. It covers repairs that are needed due to proper usage and normal wear and tear. Damage due to oxidation, or any other environmental and temperature related factors, may not be covered.


 Champion Power Equipment 18890 Engine Hoist

This Champion Power engine hoist is perfect for lifting and transporting tools and other large equipment. It comes with a handheld remote, pulley block with hook and mounting brackets. The Pulley block with hook offers a mechanical advantage when trying to lift loads with a higher weight capacity.

Unlike the first reviewed hoist, this one has the capacity on a single line to lift 440 pounds, opposed to 220 pounds. On a double power line, it can lift up to 880 pounds. The cables are made of galvanized steel which provides a protective layer of zinc coating to prevent rusting. If you have the need to be able to move a higher weight capacity safely and effectively, then the Champion Power Equipment 18890 is the machine you should choose.


Champion power equipment comes with a two-year limited warranty. It is a repair and replacement warranty. A sales receipt must be provided as your proof of purchase to take advantage of the warranty. The warranty does not cover any cosmetic defects, filter element failure due to general wear and tear, and does not include the cost of installation or maintenance.


440 Lb Overhead Electric Hoist Crane Lift Garage Winch W/remote 110v- Five Oceans

This electrical hoist, sold by Five Oceans, comes with a control remote with a six foot cord. This simplifies the operating process and keeps you at a safe distance while operating the machine. It has a weight lifting capacity of 440 pounds and a nineteen foot height clearance when operating on a double line. It is easy to install and is being sold at a good price for its value. The manufacturer recommends reading through the installation instructions and warnings before mounting. This hoist works great in automotive shops and garages and gets the job done quickly and efficiently.


Heavy Duty 440 LB Electric Hoist

Reasonably priced, this is a good hoist that comes with the brackets needed for mounting, high carbon steel lines, and the motor and gear are housed in cast iron and aluminum. It is perfect for lighter duty jobs that you need to get done quickly. The high carbon steel lines increase its longevity and reduces the risk of corrosion. The motor and gear are being protected from outside elements which also ensures the functionality of the hoist.


This product comes with a one-year factory warranty and is only good for the original buyer of the equipment.


 Shop Fox D4070 electric hoist

This hoist comes equipped with a safety stop micro switch which automatically shuts the motor off when it reaches its maximum height allowance. It can be mounted on either stationary metal tubing or on a rotating pillar. The control switch is attached to a five and a half foot cord which enables you to operate it from a safe distance, with simple and straightforward up and down controls.

The heavy duty hook locks make certain that what you are lifting stays safely on the hook. Before mounting, you want to take into consideration the amount of workspace and clearance you are allowed. This hoist has a 440-pound weight capacity and moves at about thirty-eight feet per minute.


This product comes with a one year warranty to ensure it is free of any defects or damage due to a production error. They offer repairs and replacements as long as there are no signs of negligence and misuse.

My Recommendation

My recommendation, based on my personal use and experience, would be the Sportsman Series Electric Hoist because of the high carbon steel cables, the auto stop feature, and the weight capacity. It is a high-quality machine that requires minimal effort.

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