Many workshops rely heavily on a chain hoist for most of their tasks. Hence, things may come to a standstill for them if it’s not working properly, or worse yet, stops working altogether.

This makes it important for you to be aware of some common issues you may run into while operating the hoist and learn how to fix them. We will be taking a look at some of them as well as talk about how to troubleshoot them.

Hoist Not Lifting or Lowering

One of the possible causes for this may be the emergency stop button being on, or the main switch being shut off. If that’s not the cause, however, you would want to check the fuse. If it’s blown, it may need to be replaced.

Sometimes, the hoist may stop working properly, or not work at all, when it gets overheated. In such a case, simply allowing it to cool down may work best.

However, if it turns out that neither of these things have caused your hoist to stop working, then the problem would likely be the pendant pin not being pushed out, or some of the screws may need a bit of tightening.

Hoist Not Lifting the Load

A common cause for this may simply be that you have overloaded the hoist. However, if that’s not the case, you should be checking the slip clutch. If it’s damaged in any way or not in the right position, you need to replace or readjust it.

If you’re sure about these things not being an issue, then you would want to make sure the brake is releasing properly. If it’s not, you need to check the gap setting, resistance level of the brake coil and the rectifier output voltage.

Load Drifts a Bit Too Much

This might have something to do with the brake lining. This is especially in case the load is drifting more than 4 inches.

If it’s indeed the case, the brake lining may need replacing. However, sometimes, the brake lining may be working fine but it may just be that the air gap may have end up being a bit too wide. Simply readjusting it would fix the problem.