A chain hoist is believed to an ideal equipment when it comes to lifting heavy loads efficiently. However, it’s not the safest equipment out there.

You need to follow some safety measures to prevent the risk of an accident or serious damage. Here’s some important tips that may help you.

Harriington CF hand chain hoist

A Thorough Check Before Operating

It’s absolutely necessary to make sure the hoist is working properly before you start operating it. If you find something that doesn’t seem right, don’t start using it until it has been fixed.

The breaks and other important controls need more attention. Similarly, if any of the parts seem to have got damaged in some way, repair or replace it before proceeding. Overlooking these factors and operating the hoist is like an accident waiting to happen.

Take All the Safety Precautions

While attaching the load to the hoist, make sure it’s attached securely. It should also be in level.

If the load doesn’t reflect good balance, it may end up being a possible cause of an accident. So lower the load until it hangs properly and there is good balance.

Another important safety precaution is to always put the load in the middle, and not stand in the way of the hoist – whether it’s in motion or not. If there are also other people around you, make them follow the same.

Also do not ride on the hoist and don’t overload it. Sometimes it may handle a bit extra load than its maximum capacity, but some other times it may not be able to cope with it.

Handling the Chain and Other Parts

Make sure there are no obstructions in the chain. It may prevent it from operating smoothly. Also, avoid using the chain at its maximum tension level. It too can be a cause of accident.

There are some parts in the hoist system that operate on electricity. Make sure you don’t get too near to them – if you end up touching any of them you may get electrocuted.