Best Torque Wrench Reviews 2018-2019

Although wheels changing seems like are a very simple task, there are few potential issues that sometimes can cause a lot of damage. When tightening bolts on the wheel, it is important to find a perfect measure. If you don’t tight bolts enough, there is a big chance for a wheel to fall off. On the others side, overtorquing usually damages your bolts and lugs.

When relying on your senses, it is pretty hard, if not impossible to find a perfect torque. So, a torque wrench is a solution for our troubles. These simple tools are perfect accessories for everyone who changes wheels by himself.

Guide To Torque Wrenches

Types of Torque Wrenches

There are several types of torque wrenches, which work on different principles. Some of the common types are beam, click, no-hub, electric wrench etc. Of course, not all of them are used in the car industry. For example, no-hub wrenches are mostly used by plumbers.

Among those types that are used by drivers and mechanics, the most common are click and electric wrenches.

Click Torque Wrenches

When it comes to a click wrench, there are numerous variations, but the most common type is the one that uses ball detent and spring. The spring is preloaded by an adjustable thread, which is calibrated in torque units. Once you reach set pressure, the ball will click out of its socket.

This is a very reliable and precise system, so it’s no wonder that a common torque wrench usually features such design.

Electronic Torque Wrenches

An electronic torque wrench is a more sophisticated unit. This one features a strain gauge, which is attached to the torsion rod. Thanks to a transducer, the signal is converted to pound-feet and newton matters. These units are definitely the best choice if you prefer convenience and easiness of use. Still, a classic click wrench seems a little bit more reliable.

Here is a short torque wrench list with reviews that consists of some of the best products that you can find on the market:

Tekton 24335 1/2-inch Drive Torque Wrench – Affordable Choice

Though a quite simple tool, torque wrenches are usually pretty expensive. Most of the quality wrenches cost hundreds of dollars. This one is supposed to be a cheaper alternative. It comes with a pretty affordable price but still offers a fairly good overall quality.

A budget wrench with a decent quality

Although cheap, this wrench offers solid quality. It comes with a strong construction, which doesn’t consist of plastic or any other breakable material. Moreover, it is a well-calibrated wrench which can put pretty much exact amount of torque you desire. The torque goes in a range between 10 and 150 pound-feet.

Another strong point of this torque wrench is transparency. It comes with a dual-range scale, which is easy to read, even in conditions when there is no too much light. With the Reversible ratchet head design which works in both direction, this Tekton wrench entire right amount on torque on every bolt. Once the torque setting is reached, the wrench emits a click that can be both heard and felt.

If You Need a Great Torque Range, Go For Snap-on CDI 2503MFRPH Industrial Brand CDI 1/2-inch Torque Wrench

This one seems to be one of the best torque wrench units if you are looking for an easy and convenient, but yet super-precise wheel replacement. This is a hi-quality product, so you should consider that fact when judging by its relatively high price. It is a versatile tool that puts an extremely precise level of torque on your bolt.

Solid and Durable construction, Wide Torque Range

Since this is a hi-quality wrench, you can expect nothing less than a rugged design that will ensure years of use. Thanks to its unique quick-release button design, it is definitely one of the best torque wrenches you can find on the market. It is super easy to use, with fast setup and socket retention.
A wide torque range is another strong point of this wrench. It goes between 30 and 250 pound-feet of torque, which is among the widest ranges on the market. The scale is laser marked, while the calibration is amazing. A spring-loaded positive lock with a pull-down lock ring is another notable feature of this torque wrench.

ACDelco ARM601 1/2-inch Drive Torque Wrench Offers Super-Convenient Use

This digital torque wrench is definitely one of the most convenient torque wrenches that you can find on the market. It is super-easy and simple to use, thanks to a highly-transparent LCD screen and simple adjustment controls. Setting the desired torque value seems pretty much effortless. Moreover, there are numerous functions like Torque, Measurement, and, Peak & Trace, Mode Settings.

Precise and Well-Calibrated

Thanks to its LCD screen, this wrench is very easy to operate, especially if we consider its buzzer alarm, which activates when the desired torque is reached. However, it also offers a pretty amazing calibration, which goes around 2% clockwise and 3% counterclockwise. Speaking of the range, this one goes between 4 and 99 pound-feet of torque.

Convenient Use But Great Quality As Well

Besides smooth operation, this wrench also offers great built quality. It is a pretty solid tool, which will last for years. It meets several quality standards, including ISO 6789. After all, the manufacturer gives a one-year warranty on this torque wrench.

CDI 1002MFRPH 3/8-inch Drive Torque Wrench – Simple But Effective

You definitely won’t make a mistake if you decide for this one. This 3/8-inch torque wrench offers excellent sturdiness and durability. It is a top-quality products that definitely justifies manufacturer’s reputation. Putting a right amount of torque on a bolt seems effortless in this way. Definitely a great tools for those who prefer quick and precise wheel changes.

Exceptional Quality

Speaking in general, this torque wrench simply doesn’t have a weak point. It is a well-designed wrench which comes not only with solid design but with the good calibration as well. Count on +/- 3% accuracy in clockwise direction and +/- 5%in counterclockwise direction.

Great Torque Range

The torque range goes between 10 to 100 lb-ft and torque setting seems pretty easy, thanks to the laser-marked single scale. Of course, you can count on the manufacturer’s famous positive lock with spring loaded pull down lock ring as well.

All in all, high price, but superior quality as well. Definitely worth of buying.

Wide Torque Range, Good Quality, and Affordable Price – It Is Possible With Mountain ½ inch Drive Torque Wrench

If we can rely on customer reviews, this is one of the best torque wrenches in terms of the balance between price and quality. It is a classical mechanical wrench that keeps everything simple. Despite affordable price, this is a quality product, which promises not only years of use, but plenty of conveniences as well.

Wide Torque Range

One of the best things about this wrench is that it offers a pretty amazing torque range. It goes from 100 to 600 pound-feet of torque, which sounds pretty impressive, especially for such an affordable torque wrench.

This is a classic click-style wrench, which produces distinct sound once the desired torque is reached. Another great thing about this tool is that it is actually a pretty long wrench. With 25 inches in length, this one seems like a perfect torque wrench for tight areas, where there is no much space for maneuvering.

Finally, it comes with a pretty nice case, which makes it very easy to store. Definitely a great tool for giving the right torque to your nuts and bolts.

Stanley Proto J6064C ⅜ Inch Drive Torque Wrench Is The Perfect Choice For Those Who Prefer Top Quality

Despite modern technologies, electrification and super-precise calibrating, people still prefer classic mechanical torque wrench. This one definitely proves such statement. It is a pretty popular product and definitely one of the best torque wrench products you can find around. It comes with a rugged design, but also promises very convenient use.

Though someone could see this torque wrench as quite expensive, this is actually a top-quality tool. With this unit, you can count on simple and almost effortless torque setting and quite a precise calibration. It goes around +/- 3% clockwise and +/- 6% counterclockwise, which seems precise enough.

Amazing Torque Range

The torque range is pretty amazing as well. It goes between 40 and 200 pound-feet of torque, which is enough wide to satisfy everyone’s needs. It meets pretty much all standard industrial torque applications such as general industry, heavy equipment, and maintenance.

industrial torque applications such as general industry, heavy equipment, and maintenance All in all, a hi-quality product. Definitely worth of buying, despite high price tag. One of the best products of this kind, according to customer reviews.


A torque wrench is a pretty useful tool for every driver. If you prefer to change car wheels by yourself, this is by far the safest way. With such good calibration, you can count on perfect torque on every bolt, which is crucial for your safety.

Fortunately, today’s market is full of quality products that come in different price ranges. Just determine your budget and preferences, as well as the wrench type, and you won’t have bigger problems to find the perfect one for you.