A World of Precision and Accuracy

Looking for a finest digital caliper that fit in your tool kit? Each digital caliper has its own specs, as few have significant durability advantage while others are easy to carry and use. The best digital caliper for you is the one that fulfills your needs. Whether you’re an Engineer working on a new machine or an Architect, transforming huge building structures or even a woodworker, creating masterpieces.

Your world demands precision and accuracy.

Following are the 10 best, most precise and best digital caliper to aid you at work. Let’s see what each brand has to offer unique in terms of specifications each brand has to offer that might help in our working environment.

Fowler Digital Caliper

Fowler Digital Caliper is a lightweight and easy to handle caliper, providing precise measurements up to 150mm, put it in your tool kit and it’s ready to go. With the accuracy of 0.02mm, fowler is a quick solution to your precise measurement needs, coated with stainless steel digital. Auto off feature provides long term battery life of caliper, saving you all the hassle in long term. If fowler is the one you’re looking for, you may have it from. You may have a look at caliper image above:

The standout feature of fowler is its significantly large LCD digital display which will enable you to take readings easily. No more eye torturing displays.

Green Toolz Digital Caliper

Green Toolz Digital Calliper is coated with stainless steel entitled to provide accuracy up to 0.02 mm, along with the resolution of 0.01 mm under perfect conditions. With its ability of dual scale reading (mm and inches), Green Toolz provides you with unquestioned durability against corrosion etc. (Caliper Image credits to Amazon)

Is Green Toolz Digital Calliper Worth it?

Apparently yes, because of the unmatchable durability of Green Toolz. As an added value, LCD of Green Toolz is hardened as well through extra coating to provide sustainable resistance against possible knocks and bumps. Guess what? Green Toolz also offers memory digital display that saves previous reading in the it. You may have a look at caliper image above: Sounds interesting? You may have it at:

Dr Meter Digital Caliper

Not looking for high-tech digital caliper? There is one of the most simplistic by Dr. Meter. The Dr. Meter Digital Calliper comes with a 3V battery and a 5 minute shut down time. Similar to others, Dr. Meter’s offers 0.02mm accuracy along with resolution of 0.01mm. It offers all basic features necessary in a without any additional or value added specifications, hence low price. You may have it at:

“Simple yet effective”, Thumb placement and adjustable handle makes it perfectly fit in your hand.
The standout feature of fowler is its significantly large LCD digital display which will enable you to take readings easily. No more eye torturing displays.

Digital Aid Digital Caliper

Tired of buying these, initially conventional and now digital ones? Digital Aid Caliper provides one stop solution for this issue of yours. Digital Aid offers lifetime warranty. However digital aid offers calliper slightly longer in length, greater than 6 inches. Not only this, it is also heavier than conventional digital callipers.

Watch Out! It might make your tool kit a bit bulky. But provided lifetime warranty, a little bulkiness is acceptable. You may have a look at caliper image above:

Its rugged design and heavy metallic body stands out in the market. It comes with similar features, providing accuracy up to 0.02 mm, along with the resolution of 0.01 mm

Hornady Digital Caliper

Hornady is of course an interesting option with its own certain unique features. Unlike most of them mentioned above, Hornady doesn’t have an off button. It rather turns off after 5 minutes automatically. Against the traditional, old school callipers, Hornady calliper LCD makes it a piece of cake to take measurements with a resolution higher up to 0.01mm. Looking to save time, cost and gain precise measurements? (Image credits to Amazon)

This is the whole package for an optimum accuracy and easy to use.

Lower jaws and upper jaws assist you to get accurate values as it has an accuracy of 0.02 mm.

EAGems Digital Caliper

In either case, if you’re an engineer, architect or from any field demanding precise and accurate measurements, EA Gems Digital Caliper is your solution. (Image credits to Amazon)

Easy accessibility in mm and inches makes your life much easier. EA Gems offer you one of the best customer services in town.

However, perfectly coated with stainless steel, EA Gems offer is a long term tool for your accuracy and precision requirements. It holds firm against wet and greasy conditions. Long term durability is what EA Gems has to offer you for its range. You may have a look at caliper image above: More information at:

Mitutoyo Digital Caliper

Want to be best in the business? You need more than conventional tools for it. Mitutoyo’s Caliper is one of the best you can get in the market, coated with stainless steel. You must be wondering what makes it best in the world. Its Advanced Onsite Sensor eliminates oil, dust or water resistance against the precise measurements. Mitutoyo’s offers up to 0.01 mm of precision in your readings.

Not only this, to avoid all the hassle in changing battery issues of it, Mitutoyo’s now comes with a solar cell (in upgraded versions). Unhindered long term reliability and precision is what Mitutoyo is offering us.

Conventional Mitutoyo is equipped with SR44 battery, making it durable for use in the perspective of long term usage. Is Mitutoyo’s up to your needs?

Vinca Digital Caliper

Looking for a perfect blend in for your daily routine and workplace needs? Get your hands on Vinca Quality Electronic Caliper. To perfectly blend in accordance to your needs, Vinca is precisely designed to assist in everyday activities. Pocket Fit with a 6 inch, lightweight gives you a hassle free experience. You may have a look at caliper image above:

Oh! Worrying about battery wear out issues?

Guess what? Vinca Quality Electronic comes with an extra battery ensuring 100% satisfaction to your needs. With an accuracy of 0.03mm and resolution of 0.01mm, coated with stainless steel, Vinca Quality is a tool to be carried around by professionals. Get more info at

iGaging Digital Caliper

Are you hesitant towards fancy gadgets? Get a more fit-in version is iGaging. Dust and oil resistant stainless steel body comes in handy for rough working conditions. iGaging offers accuracy of 0.01 mm enabling LCD resolution at 0.01mm.

Unlike conventional ones, iGaging gives you measurements up to 4 decimal place, thus enhanced accuracy and precise measurements.

iGaging comes with an unusual yet supportive large display (2-3/8″x7/8″). Two batteries of 3V support the LCD, which are already in the package. Hence worry not, for stress free working and peace of mind get your hands on iGaging caliper at:

Neiko Digital Caliper

Looking for more options? Neiko’s caliper has something unique to offer to its customers. In contrast to traditional ones, Neiko’s displays measurements in not only in inches or millimeters but in fraction as well. You can enjoy this additional feature along with significantly larger LCD display. Equipped with LR44 ensures long term usage and not only this. Neiko offers additional battery as well to cater your concerns. Neiko’s offers resolution up to 0.01mm with its precision of 0.02mm. Well coated with stainless steel digital hardens the surface of Neiko’s against knocks to enhance its durability. However, one key notable factor is the size of Neiko’s. Due to enhanced LCD display, the Neiko’s is of 8 inch instead of traditional 6 inch.

No need to worry, Neiko got it covered for you. Neiko comes in with an additional storage case, thus keeping its customers unbothered about the size of it.

Thus aforementioned 10 digital callipers are the best possible options to meet your demands. No certain calliper is superior to another however, your needs and nature of work sets the criteria for best calliper coated with stainless steel. Initially battery of callipers was an alarming issue as it used to drain out quicker than usual.

But that’s the best part about technology; it keeps on astonishing you with its progress. With amplified batteries and solar cells, the battery issue of calliper is long gone. However there’s a price that needs to be paid, similar reason for current mounting prices of callipers in the market.