7 Best Car Top Carriers for Optimizing the Roof Storage Space

Planning a road trip but you are short on cargo storage ideas? This could be the reason why you may think of purchasing one of the car top carriers.

You may not get the roof rack on the vehicle at the time of purchase but there is always an option for putting soft or hard roof rack system afterward. Suppose, a vehicle doesn’t have a roof rack, there are tons of options out there, pick the one which offers maximum value.

Cargo security, weight, capacity of storage and weatherproofing are few factors for deciding on whether hard shell or cargo bag will fulfill the need.

Well, there could be hundreds of scenarios where you want a roof rack system serves the best of its purpose. From outdoor expeditions to just extra cargo space, buying a best car top carrier will reduce your travel woes.

One thing is for sure, car top carrier is designed in a way to seek the maximum benefit out of the roof space of your vehicle. And when we discuss luggage weight, fuel economy factor comes into play. However, the car top carrier providers design their products while keeping weight and fuel equation in mind.

Here we have a list of best car top carriers.

1-Thule Sidekick Cargo Box for Small Loads of $300

A rooftop cargo box with a side opening design for small loads, mounts on removable and factory roof racks. It has a storage capacity of 8 cubic feet. Although, you may put significant amount of time in assembling it over the rooftop. But, it’s not tough if you follow the instructions. Be careful while installing the water seal. Carry camping and golf gear stuff with easy loading. It has passenger side loading and unloading mechanism. However, the box front lock is missing for a secure nose. That’s why, many complain about the compromised security. As a manufacturer, Thule has a good name in the product niche.Within this price range, we can say the cargo box is inexpensive for small cars. The storage space of 8 cubic feet with dimensions of 48 x 125 x 135 inches, not bad.

2-Keeper Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag of $77

If you are considering soft shell car cargo options, Keeper’s waterproof cargo bag is best car top bags because of space and the price. This means, you can carry $15 cubic feet of cargo and it fits with all types of cars rooftops, any size. It has attachment buckles on all four sides, makes the cargo bag easy-to-install on any rooftop. Rubber laminated nylon is the stuff this cargo bag. Easy storage as fold compacts and has dimensions of 44” x 34” x 17”.  Waterproof feature of the bag protects it from sunlight, wind and rain aftereffects. The only drawback is the attachment buckle. In case you are planning on carrying a heavy luggage, try extra buckles or seek extra precautionary measures. If you are a family always on the go, this one travel accessory is for you.

3-Shield Jacket Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag (currently not available on Amazon)

Countryside trip or in a mood for off-roading, this shield jacket waterproof rooftop cargo bag is for you. Cars, vans or SUVs – fits all such vehicles rooftops. It has double vinyl making, hence the bagged cargo will remain intact in intense sun exposure, or in heavy storm rain. As far as the storage space, it offers 15 cubic feet of massive storage for a road trip. Meant to increase space for your vehicle. Eight built-in tie straps is another plus of the cargo bag. Comes in the soft shell car top carriers’ category but the flexibility of storage and the heavy duty storage security makes the bag even more favorable. You can store oversized and odd-shaped luggage items easily inside the bag. Easy mount on rooftop, that means installing bag on the car roof is a matter of a few minutes. The biggest plus for those couples who always love saving time and effort.

4-Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box of $479

We like the versatility of the Skybox Carbonite cargo box design. The price range of the product varies as per the features. Overall, it’s an ideal travel kit. Place your skiing gear into the Skybox and your friends in the car. Aerodynamic design makes the box resist wind and drag noise. Mounting hardware is quick-release and fits almost on any roof rack. What’s so best about the product is that there is no assembly required. Means, tool-free installation. Saves your time and makes the carbonite cargo box portable and handy. Round, square, factory and aerodynamic bars – it fits on all. The box has an opening on both sides of the vehicle, the accessibility made easy. SKS locks are part of the box. Selling primarily in black color but the price tab differs.

5-SportsRack Vista XL Cargo Box of $380

The cargo box is for sports rack systems, but it equally fits well with square, round and factory rack systems. Weighs 42lbs, dimensions of the box are 19 H x 63 L x 38 W inches. One of the distinguishing factors for this sportsrack box from the above provided options is the space offering i.e. 18 cubic feet. Sports stuff acquires more space which is the reason why, this cargo accessory is a handy option for different types of vehicles. From cars to SUVs, the sportsrack installation is not a tough thing. ABS construction of the box makes it UV resistant and durable too. No breakage or damage can occur because of u-bolt hardware mounting kit. The kit also includes the lock for secure packing of the sports gear. Sportsrack has a rear opening, another good go-to. You can check vehicle make and model compatibility through the ‘fit guide’.

6-Thule Force XL Black Cargo Box of $499

The aerodynamic shape of the box makes it look sleek and stylish from the outlook. Whereas, the interior offers maximum space with dimensions of 78 x 32.5 x 15 inches. We assess the durability of the product with the fact that it has diamond textured skin lid. And the aerodynamic shape helps in cutting through the air. From oversized luggage to camping and sports stuff, the box allows you pack the most inside.Tool-free installation makes your life easier. It has quick grip roof mounting system which attaches cross bars within 5 minutes. For a stepwise guideline, check the fitting guide. Moreover, it has dual side opening which makes loading, unloading, and access of the cargo box easy. Secure lock system is another advantage of buying Thule force XL box. Overall, the fitting, operation and finish of the product is amazing. There is no drama in lid closing and opening which is mostly the case with hard shell vehicle top carriers.

7-WeatherTech RackSack Cargo Carrier of $309

Like before, we have another excellent soft shell car top mounting carrier for your consideration. You may not be a fan of hard shell cargo boxes because of the weight and the fuel economy thing we discussed earlier. If such is the case, do check out WeatherTech RackSack cargo bag. The bag has an expanded cargo carrying capacity. However, the product claims 13 cubic feet of space for the luggage. It is made of water repellent polyester but with a soft bottom finish as this prevents finish of the vehicle. Cargo carrier bag has swivel straps for easy mounting on the vehicles. You can easily tie straps on the crossbars or sidebars of your car/vehicle. Roll and wrap this bag, the straps will come inside and there is no hassle in handling this luggage bag. In short, we shared car top carriers with a core focus on the viability and the usability they offer. From hard shell to soft shell cargo carrier options, you can pick-and-choose the one that suits your need. Don’t sweat and worry for the oversized luggage you are planning to tuck inside your car. Utilize the extra rooftop space with these cargo-carrying possibilities.