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About Us

Apparently, there’s hardly much useful information available on different types of hoists. Sure, you can find long, complicated instruction manuals being offered from different manufacturers of hoists and other sources, but that’s pretty much all about it.

When it comes to offering the useful information a user would actually need to choose, operate, handle and avoid repairs, maintain a healthy level of safety while operating the hoist, as well as get the most out of their hoist, the amount of information available seems to be rather disappointing.

For a product that comes in so many types, and is so complex, you would certainly need a LOT more assistance in the form of useful information than what seems to be available out there right now. And this is exactly where the Hoist Expert comes in.

As you can already tell, the Hoist Expert is a website that’s entirely dedicated to hoists – covering different types of hoists as well as offering information that would come in very handy while operating them. We also look to cover different aspects of this rather complex product, and hence may fill that information gap that exists in this niche to a certain extent.

More importantly, we would focus on offering helpful insight about choosing the right hoist for your needs. Our various buyer guides would go a long way in helping you take an informed, well-thought-out decision, regardless of the type of hoist you’re looking to buy.

This, in our opinion, is really quite a reason for you to stick around and soak in as much information as you can. This is because there seems to be little to no useful or reliable sources out there that offer in-depth information about how to go about choosing the right hoist that would turn out to be a perfect buy for you.

And you shouldn’t make the mistake of overlooking the importance of this information, or the research that you should be doing before you make the purchase. It may turn out to be a rather terribly expensive mistake if you end up going with the wrong product. While this should actually make sense naturally, given the nature of the product, let us still explain some key points involved here in case you’re new to these products.

  • Hoists can be very expensive products, so you can’t just throw one away in case it fails to meet your requirements and replace it with a new one.
  • They come in many different types, including chain hoists, engine hoists, electric hoists and more; so unless you’re an expert about these products (in which case you wouldn’t be reading this anyway), you do need quite a bit of assistance with understanding them properly.
  • It can be fatally dangerous to use a hoist without knowing all the details about how it works and functions, especially if it isn’t designed to be used the way you’re looking to use it. Hence, it only makes sense to make sure what a particular hoist brings to the table so that you can choose the one that fits the bill perfectly for you.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Finally, we would just like to say that if you’re looking to buy a hoist – no matter which type – just browse around the Hoist Expert and you may find all the information you need to make a purchase you will certainly be pleased with.

– Jason Williams